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essential-oilsAromatherapy is truly holistic therapy, taking account of the mind, body and spirit of the person seeking help.

Essential oils are often balancing in their effects, helping the body to return from an imbalanced state which leads to illness, to the ideal balance representing health and welling-being.

The roots of Aromatherapy from the most ancient healing practices of human-kind, for the plant from which we now derive essential oils had been used for thousands of years before the knowledge of distilling oils was discovered,

3000 years before Christ, Egyptians were using aromatics for medical and cosmetic purposes.

Ancient Greeks learned much of their medical knowledge from the Egyptians, as well as making further discoveries of their own, such as the fact that the odor of certain flowers was stimulating and refreshing while that of others was relaxing and soporific.

Olive oil was an abundant commodity in Greece, (as it is today) and they used it to absorb the odor of the flower petals, or from herbs and used the perfume oil for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

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