Elk Run  Cemetery

Elk Run cemetery

Elk Run cemetery

Have you considered purchasing your burial plots in advance? If you purchase a space at the current rate of $600.00, you won’t have to be apprehensive about a price increase in the future.

The town now offers an interest free payment plan option for those who don’t have cash funds available. Contact the Cemetery Office daily at 540-713-4062 during the hours of 8:00am – 4:00pm.

Additionally, when a burial occurs the Town of Elkton charges a $400.00 fee to open and close the grave. This fee is not payable in advance since no procedure is written to control collection of the money. Once someone is buried maintenance personnel removes dead flowers, seeds and levels the grave. Owners have the option to purchase and place a stone on their space at any time.

The Elk Run Cemetery is well maintained all year round. Our courteous, knowledgeable staff is available from 8:00am thru 4:00pm daily and welcome the opportunity to address your concerns. You may call the office at 540-713-4062.

Email cshifflett@townofelkton.com



In the early 1800’s the eastern half of the present day Elkton was known as the Elk Run community, taking it’s name from the creek that flowed from Blue Ridge Mountains through the community, into Elkton and eventually into the South Fork of the Shenandoah River.

Residents of Elk Run and the surrounding area held a meeting September 8, 1821, for the purpose of finding a suitable location for a meeting house, a school house and a burial ground. The sight selected –where Elk run now exists-was along the main road from Swift Run Gap to Elkton, a combination of what is now Tanyard Bridge Rd. and Spotswood Avenue.

On March 21, 1822 the 30 X 60 foot meeting house, constructed of hand hewn timbers, was completed by Henry Monger, Jr. at a cost of $160.00. The building which contained a center divider to separate the men’s and women’s sides , had two entry doors in front-one for the women’s side and one for the men’s (evident in the turn –of- the- century photographs, which shows the building after clap board siding had been installed. A balcony was built in the rear of the facility, then known as Elk Run Liberty Meeting House.

Initially, the building was used mainly by the Methodist as a church, but other denominations used the building. Eventually, other Protestant congregations built their own churches, and when the United Brethren built its church in 1910, the meeting house was dismantled.

During the dismantling of the meeting house an inscription was found on one of the door facings which read “Davis B. Ingrain born February 12, 1825. At Elkton Run Church Dec. 1865 guarding prisoners.

During the Civil War, the building was used several times to house prisoners. Confederate troops under Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Thomas Ewell had camp.

Much of the materials from the dismantled structure were used to erect a home for the cemetery’s caretaker on the northeast corner of the intersection of Newtown Road and East Spotswood Avenue. The building stood until it was razed to make room for the widening of Newtown Road.

Just to the northeast of where the meeting house originally stood, a school house, known as Elk run Academy, was built shortly after the meeting house. In 1912, it too was razed, and some of the old building materials were used in construction of the Elkton Restaurant in 1913 at the corner of Terrace Avenue and Spotswood Trail, but that’s another story.

Cemetery Rules


Elk Run Cemetery Elkton VA (a) For the purpose of preserving the beauty and symmetry of the grounds, and of protecting lot owners from the vagaries of bad taste, the Commission reserves the right to control the character of frames or other ornaments that may be constructed upon any lot; and when, in the opinion of the Commission, such structures are detrimental to the appearance or convenience of the grounds, the same may be removed at the cost of the Commission. No stone, marker, coping or any other ornament of any sort may be placed on any lot unless set in concrete which projects at least four inches on all four sides of such copying or ornament. This bylaw will be strictly enforced and the Commission claims the right to change any such markers, copings and ornaments to conform to this rule at the expense of the lot owner if necessary.

(b) When workmen are engaged in erecting monuments, or doing any other building on the grounds, they must use great care in protecting the neighboring lots from injury, and upon finishing their work must, without delay, clean up all litter and dirt, and remove all machinery, lumber, and materials used by them, and when the workmen fail to comply with the above conditions, the Town Manager, under whose general supervision all such work is done, shall cause the grounds to be cleared of all dirt, etc., and recover the costs thereof from the owner(s) of said lots or lots.

(c) When an owner of a lot shall so neglect to keep the same in order and it shall detract from the general good appearance of the cemetery, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to notify the owner of the condition of his lot to request him, in the name of the Commission, to put it in good order. Should such request be not complied with, the Commission shall have the right to make such repairs and do such work as may be necessary to put the lot and/or space in good order, and charge the cost of same to the owner of said lot or spaces.

Elk Run Cemetery Elkton VA(1) If the owner of a lot (s) would like to mow and care for their lot (s), this request should be placed in writing to the Cemetery Director along with a phone number and address where he or she may be contacted in a case of neglect to his or her lot (s). The parties involved should understand that the lots are still under the control of the Cemetery Commission. If at any time the lot (s) become overgrown, unsightly, or the main character and beauty of the grounds have been compromised, the lot owner will be notified and given two (2) weeks to correct the situation. The Commission will have the power to remove any and all items on the lot (s) to mow and trim to return the lot to the beauty and symmetry of the grounds. (Amended Jan. 2009)

(d) The Commission may annually access the owner of each lot with a sum applied to the general improvement of the grounds. The term lot, as used in this section, shall include all the grounds lying contiguous and owned and used as a whole, even though it contains more than one lot as laid down on the plat of the grounds.

(e) When a lot has been purchased, and the purchaser has not paid for said lot, the Commission shall have the right to remove the remains of those who have been buried therein to some suitable place to be provided for this purpose, and after such removal the Commission shall have the right to resell said lot. After such removal the title to said lot shall revert to the Town of Elkton and it may be sold by them in a deed issued therefore as though the lot had never been sold. When a lot or any portion thereof has been abandoned, the title to the unused portion shall revert to the Town of Elkton. It shall be the direct responsibility of the lot owner to keep the Commission advised of the full and complete address of the person to whom communications regarding the said cemetery lot should be mailed. Failure to do so can affect the title to said lot as stated in this section. If the owner of such lot shall fail to pay the assessment thereon for a period of ten years, the same shall be deemed to be abandoned within the meaning of this section.

(f) No interment shall be made without the consent of the owner thereof.

Elk Run Cemetery Elkton VA(g) No trees, shrubs, flowers or vines shall be planted in any lot, nor shall any growing thing be removed without express consent of the Town Manager. Fresh flowers will be removed when faded, artificial flowers will be limited to two arrangements per grave from Christmas to the start of the mowing season at which time they will be removed. This rule will be strictly enforced from the start of, and throughout the mowing season (May through October). Said rule does not apply to arrangements placed so as not to interfere with mowing operations. Vehicles must be kept strictly on the roadways. Visitors will be required to keep on the walks, and not pull flowers or shrubs or injure the trees. Children, not attended by grown persons who will be responsible for their behavior, will not be admitted.

(h) The placement of a vault is mandatory in the Elk Run Cemetery. (Amended Jun. 2007)

(I) One cremation and one vault may be placed in a single space. Two cremations may be placed per single space. (Amended Jun. 2007)

-Elk Run Cemetery Commission

Marker Regulations

Elk Run Cemetery Elkton VAEffective June 23, 2001 the following regulations have been adopted by the Elk Run Cemetery Commission. This regulation must be adhered to due to the fact a single grave has been reduced to 39″ wide. Please share this information with your clients. Recently, a family had to purchase an extra grave space to accommodate the stones.

  1. No double stone or memorial will be accepted which is over 5 feet long or over 16 inches wide.
  2. A single stone or memorial shall not be over 2 feet 6 inches long or over 16 inches wide.
  3. A minimum of one or more days notice is required before delivering stone.
  4. When delivering stone, you will need to provide the following information:
    • Lot owner’s name
    • Space number
    • Lot number
    • Section number

If any of the above requirements are not met, the stone or memorial shall not be placed. For any business concerning the Elk Run Cemetery, contact Charlotte Shifflett at 540-713-4062, you may also reach her by email. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Cemetery Director

Charlotte Shifflett
20593 Blue & Gold Drive
Elkton, VA 22827
(540) 713-4062
For emergencies on weekends/holidays only email sharlot37@aol.com or call 540-298-2152.


100 Elk Run Drive
Elkton, VA 22827


Consider helping the cemetery with these additional expenses by donating a stone(s) in memory of a loved one. We were able to get the stones at cost so they are $30.00 each. Thank you in advance. Call 540-713-4062 for information.

Elk Run Cemetery Updates


In 2017, acting Town Manager/Mayor Wayne Printz and Elkton Town Council gave Charlotte Shifflett/Cemetery Director approval to complete the remainder of the ground penetrating radar located in Sections 5, 6 and 7. A survey of the remaining area was completed, including the “slave section” and 145 unidentified graves were recorded. Troy Shifflett/Public Works Director had maintenance staff set the stones marked as “Unknown”. We justified the project by the same reasons mentioned in the above narrative. A new map is posted on the website and the completed updates reflect the correct mapping numbers. Call the Cemetery Director at 540-713-4062 to make inquiries, share and/or correct information.


In 2014 some exciting revisions occurred in the cemetery. During the years numerous discussions have been held, but no action was taken to pinpoint the exact locations of the existing burial spaces in the “Dollar Grave Section”.

Kevin Whitfield, former Town Manager, took matters into his own hands and engaged GEO to come to Elk Run Cemetery with grave penetrating radar and identify the unknown burials. This action was justified by the fact that it is the respectful to acknowledge our ancestors who are someone’s family and they were loved. The second justification was attributed to statistics showing no grave sales were occurring in these sections due to the fact no one was sure where interments had taken place.

Each previous Cemetery Director was informed by “word of mouth” the existing map for the older sections in Elk Run cemetery were incorrect. Mr. Whitfield and Charlotte Shifflett took action and contracted David Ingram to survey Sections 5, 6 and 7. It was found that many burials had occurred in pathways and even in old roadways which were never constructed. This action freed up many spaces available for sale in the future.

Last but not least, the final project is now an ongoing process. One hundred, forty two spaces were identified as “unknown”. They may be unknown but be assured they are not forgotten! Each grave has been marked with an individual stone reading “Unknown“. Some local donors came forward and made a contribution in memory of a loved one. Without DNA samples we cannot identify whose remains are in the space, but please take satisfaction in knowing their legacy lives on for all future generations.

Cemetery Commission

Lester Seal
19241 Seal Lane
Elkton Virginia 22827
(540) 298-1473 Per Council
Cathy Morrison
Vice Chair
907 Sixth Street
Elkton Virginia 22827
(540) 298-2191 Per Council
Bill Davis409 Monger Hill Road
Elkton Virginia 22827
(540) 298-8162 Per Council
Lee Dearing124 North Street
Elkton Virginia 22827
(540) 746-6636 Per Council
Karen Jones120 North Street
Elkton Virginia 22827
(540) 578-4935 Per Council
Betty McGahey417 Spring Oaks Drive
Harrisonburg Virginia 22801
(540) 442-8131 Per Council
Charles "Chuck" Morris2026 Indian Acres Lane
Elkton Virginia 22827
(540) 298-8920 Per Council
Steve America
Council Representative
216 Hill Avenue
Elkton Virginia 22827
(540) 476-1695 Per Council

Members of the Cemetery Commission are appointed by Town Council.

2018 Meeting Dates

January 18 – 6:00 PM
April 19 – 6:00 PM
July 19 – 6:00 PM
October 18 – 6:00 PM