My Mission

essential-oilsMy mission at Aromatic Synergy is to co-create customized blends for your unique needs. Together we will set goals to support your health and well-being. One Drop At A Time.

I will serve as your teacher and guide you as you;

  • Explore how aromatherapy fits into the big picture of your emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.
  • Learn how to rid your home of toxic chemicals
  • Together we will improve your health and well-being

Wanting Nature’s Best

What sets my products apart from the “others”?

Here at Aromatic Synergy, I use the purest, unadulterated organic oils and butters in my products. I have spent years researching and studying aromatherapy and herbalism. I’ve taken courses to gain a deeper understanding because I believe in these beautiful essential oils and butters nature has provided for us. By choosing to omit products that are filled with chemicals, my own life has improved dramatically.

I’ve been my experiment before offering my products to the public! I truly believe this has played a major role in my life with MS. I am 80% better than I was when diagnosed. I am my best test subject. I avoid all chemicals in my life and believe they are the toxic cause for many of our illnesses, so I would never offer them to you! This includes “synthetic” fragrances. Those ruin an organic product by releasing toxins into it.

Remember, what goes on our bodies goes in our bodies.

I make small batches and rely on the essential oils to be my preservatives and they provide anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties. Almost of my products are thick and rich with these butters and oils so a little goes a “very” long way. Did you know the FDA requires the labels to list all the ingredients? The first ingredient listed is the one which has the highest percentage of the product. That order follows on down the line of ingredients. You will NOT see water (aqua) as one of my ingredients. Now ask yourself; why are you paying $$ for water, let alone to slather, alcohol, petroleum, ethanol, and formaldehyde on and INTO your bodies?

This is what sets my nourishing products apart from the others.